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Uit Mijn Hoofd

Full HD Video 

Year of production: 2015

Directed by: Myrte van der Molen

Edit: José van Koppenhagen

Music: Jeffrey van Rossum 

Première: Lantaren Venster Rotterdam

The film maker confronts the viewer with her once learnt social behavior.


The documentary “OUT OF MY HEAD” shows the socially desired behavior and the taught social rules of the human. In a humorous way the viewer is brought into the world of the creator (Myrte van der Molen) who confronts us with the way we communicate, since she had to learn this through years of training and courses. The style of the documentary is among others inspired by nature documentaries. Through observations of people in the streets and experiments the social codes of the human are examined. As if a mirror is held up it seem the most normal situations and habits suddenly are absurd. With this documentary a new light shines on something that is often taken for granted.

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