I want to be selfish again

Full HD Video 

Directed by: Myrte van der Molen

Girl in video: Sarah Vinken

Camera: Rob Willemsen

Edit: Jeroen van het Hullenaar

Sound Design: Rutger Zuydervelt 

The video demonstrates social attachments to take social rules into your own hands.

The unwritten rules of conduct ensuring a lack of freedom in social situations. For example, one can not just leave, or only talk about themselves. To be more efficient and be able to act to your true feelings, attachments that facilitate this are demonstrated in the video. The video is a futuristic image in which the human creates their own social freedom. The elements are humorous, absurd and confront a social problem of underlying feelings. 

Myrte van der Molen, I want to be selfis
Myrte van der Molen, I want to be selfis