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Myrte van der Molen (1994) conducts research into social behavior and identity. She sees the usefulness of social rules, but in her view they also create lack of freedom and an inauthentic way of communicating. By staging social situations in her work, she creates visions of the future that question rules of behavior in the social sphere. Her work shows that every language, whether in word or body language, has its own function, but also refers to underlying layers that are not always visible on the surface. The body language, text and utensils that are used in her work depend on the known associations. By making new combinations, dissecting language and changing rules of conduct, installations that question the social sphere are being formed. As a result, her work – which started with objects, costumes, installations, performance and video work – continues to expand in new disciplines. Her latest video installation SOSocial consists of an archive of 25 videos, in which power relations and social interaction are being experimented with using mimes, objects and costumes. The current social rules of behavior and new ways of social interaction are explored in a playful way.


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KINO, Gouvernestraat 129-133, Rotterdam


Coolhaven 558, Rotterdam

Photo: Liza Wolters - Sretlowazil 

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